Monday, September 27, 2010


I am a bit of a Disney fan, and I was really into collecting figurines some years ago, until I moved many times and the lack of room stopped me from adding to my collection. A couple of years ago, Adam and I cleaned out the garage, and I brought some of my favorite pieces out from their long slumber in cardboard boxes. The piece pictured, the Beast, is my favorite. Unfortunately, the gargoyles arms, which held up the table, the rose, and the glass case around the rose, were broken. However, you could maneuver the table top to stay on top of the broken arms, and I felt like this was a good fix, especially if I used some crazy glue. Weeks past, well honestly months passed, and the table still sat on top of it's broken arms, sans crazy glue. Then, one day as Adam and I were sitting on the couch, the table suddenly tumbled over, taking the glass case with it. It shattered on the ground, and I was heartbroken. I still kept Beast on the shelf, with the broken table top and the sad, bended rose sitting next to it.

Fast forward a few weeks later to this evening. Adam called me from the driveway, to help him bring stuff in from the car. He handed me my chocolate shake and a box from the post. He told me the box was a present. I am sure you can guess what was inside. A good as new, Beast. I was so surprised, and so happy at his thoughtfulness. I pressed him with questions, like "how did you find it?" It was after all, over 10 years old. He went on to tell me of how he searched online for weeks, and finally stumbled upon it on Ebay. I don't know how he can keep such a thing as a surprise, I know I would have had a hard time if the roles were reversed. So, that is just one example of how wonderful Adam is.

On a completely different note, I also wanted to show the progress of the afghan that I am crocheting for our wee one. Bear in mind, that I just learned how to crochet (and do a granny square) last week. I have to say it is very satisfying to see something that you are making with your own two hands. It is in the colors we will be painting the nursery, yellow, blue and green. The green is hard to see, it is mixed in the white, along with yellow and blue. But for some reason I didn't get the solid green, as I did for the yellow and blue, and now I think it needs that. But here is what I have so far.


  1. Kammie the blankie is beautiful!
    I LOVE those 3 colors together!
    My coffee cups are that color and love dishes that color!
    Adam is so sweet and such an Angel!
    That story of the surprise made me shiver!
    He's the best and is going to be the best Dad!
    I'm sending tons of love to you guys and a big hug and squeeze!

  2. Thanks so much Moj! You really are a sweetheart. Next time you come over, I will show you the blanket, and hopefully we will have the crib up too.

  3. What a thoughtful husband you have. That's such a sweet story! And I LOVE your baby blanket! Nice job. I've never learned how to crochet but have knit a couple things, it can be soothing, but sometimes I get impatient. You're doing such a great job, I can't wait to see the finished product!