Friday, September 10, 2010

New Crib

So we finally decided to get a crib! Even though we still have not switched bedrooms and painted (luckily this won't ship for a while) But I found a nice crib at, which came with the changing table for free. I thought that seemed like a good deal, especially since I was not completely certain that I wanted to spend money on a changing table. But hey, you can't beat free and I think it will make for nice shelves later on. I debated between this color and white, but finally decided I liked the expresso color better.

Today we went to California Adventure, as we have season passes to Disneyland. We really wanted to see the new World of Color. However, we left early as I wasn't feeling that great. But here is a pic of me, while I still felt fine.


  1. Hey guys!
    I love the new crib!
    That is a sensation finish, as opposed to the usual blonde and white tones!

  2. We have that exact crib in the same finish with the matching changing table- which sadly we didn't get free- but we love it and get many compliments on it!

  3. Oh thanks for the endorsement, FAB. It's nice to hear that you love it!