Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Car!!!

Just a quick post today. Last Friday, I convinced Adam that we should go test drive a Mazda 5. This is the car that we pretty much had settled on ever since we saw it at the auto show two years ago. But what if we didn't like how it drove? That was what I said to Adam to convince him to go to the dealer. So we went, and found a used 2010, exactly the way that we wanted it. We test drove it, and told the salesman that we were looking to buy in the next 4-5 months, but just wanted to see if we really liked it. He said, would we want it today if he could knock $3000 off. Long story short, we got a new car. There is so much more room in this than my Neon, and it actually is a tad shorter too! My mom's walker can fit in the back, and so can a stroller. So now we are really getting ready to add to our family!

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