Saturday, June 26, 2010


So we have started looking into the stuff that you need to get when you have a baby in the house, and all I can say is that it is so overwhelming! I mean, I have never paid much attention to this stuff beforehand, so it is a lot to learn about. We were going to go register next weekend, so I want to be as prepared as possible, but it seems as if there is a lot of unnecessary stuff out there!
Some of my questions:

Bassinet vs. pack n play? A lot of them seem very similar, can't you just use one for both purposes?

Bottles; what is a good, BPA free brand?

What is a good infant seat? Do I want to be able to attach it to the stroller?

I guess I will stop there, as that covers the three main areas, sleep, feeding and transporting.

On a small side note... has anyone been watching the World Cup? Today's loss was pretty heartbreaking, and this is coming from someone that has never paid much attention to the Cup. But there was something about this time, that seemed to capture America's interest.


  1. Here are my thoughts (coming from someone without kids but a lot of friends and family who do). A pack n play would be useful for longer but I think they take up more room. As for the infant seat, the ones I've seen that attach to strollers seem extremely handy to have. You don't have to transfer child back and forth. However, some people don't use the strollers very often while kid is still that young, they just use shopping carts, etc. I think in both cases, it just depends on you and where you plan on going. Sorry if not very helpful. I guess I'm just thinking out loud.
    : )

  2. I appreciate your aloud thinking :) I think the pack n play just seems more practical, instead of buying both. Because if you travel at all, you will want a pack n play. Even if you go to a friends house for dinner, etc. I think the infant seat that attaches to a stroller seems to be the most practical too. Sigh...

  3. Kammie, I have a list my sister in law put together for me. I'd be happy to forward it to you if you want to email me. craftynester(at)gmail(dot)com
    From what I've gathered all you really need when the baby first comes home is some clothes, some diapers, some bottles and some blankets. Maybe some baby safe soap/detergent/shampoo and a place for baby to sleep - for us it will be a bassinet and that's about it. Also, you may want to put it out there to friends if you haven't already, we got almost everything we need through hand me downs. It's been great! Less expensive for us and better for the environment

  4. Kammie - I came across your blog. I'm so happy to hear that you are adopting! We are too, it's such an exciting, scary journey! Not sure if you have already gotten these items.. I just realized the date of this post. They make mini pack n plays with bassinets. I LOVE the one we have! It doesnt take up alot of room, and it's easy to tote around if you need to. Bottles; as crazy as it may sounds some babies are particular about a certain kind. I wouldnt buy a whole bunch of one kind until your little one comes along and that will help by what he/she prefers. Carseat. I liked the Graco infant seat. I also had a BOB running stroller, and an attachment so the carseat would fit on the stroller. I was an avid runner, so I loved the fact that I could hook the carseat to the stroller. BUT I totally agree Crista, mostly you would just use a shopping cart, or a front pack. Good luck and how exciting for you and your husband!

  5. I have created a registry, but have not really bought anything yet, so thank you, The Smith's for your input, I have heard many good things about Graco. And I did go with the pack n play/bassinet! It seems so much more practical!