Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Open Adoption and Extended Family

When Adam and I told our families that we were going to adopt, they were all surprisingly positive and excited for us. I say "surprisingly" because I have read all of these articles about families not being as supportive as some would have liked. We explained what open adoption is, and why we thought it was best for all involved. Some family members, I won't name names, voiced concern about the possibility of a birthmother turning into a stalker. I hope we put that concern to rest. But it does show that our families probably have not done all the research that we did before we decided on adoption, so giving them a learning curve is probably a good idea. Reading this blog post by our agency reminded me of this fact.

Does anyone have a good booklet, or book that is not too dense that would be good to give to family? This thought keeps popping up in my brain, but then I forget about it. But I really think it would be beneficial for all of us, for family to have a resource to look to when they have questions.

Also, our profile is up at Check it out!
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I hope everyone is doing well!

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