Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rainy Night

It was raining on our way home this evening. As we were stopped at a red light not too far from our home we saw a little dog running across the big street in front of us. She then ran into the opposing traffic side and there were cars that were fast approaching. We saw that the one car was not slowing down. I had to turn my head because I could not bear to see the car hit the dog. I looked back and saw the poor thing laying in the street and the car that hit her just keep on driving, even though they tried to swerve and not hit the dog and looked in their rear view mirror to see if they hit the dog.

I was livid. I told Adam I was going out to get the dog. I ran over to where she was laying with my hands up to make sure no one else would hit her. When I got to her, she was not moving and I thought she was dead. But then I thought I saw her chest move, so I touched her and she practically jumped up! I picked her up, hoping she would not bit me. I went to the sidewalk and by this time Adam had made a u-turn and was there. We decided to take her to the emergency vet around the corner from our house. The poor thing was holding up her one leg and then she seemed started breathing really hard and fast so I was so worried about her lungs, but she then calmed down so I think she was just freaking out from the pain and just being scared. Our dogs by the way were in the car too and they were so good even though there was a strange dog in the car! I bet they knew she was hurt.

Anyways, we get to the vet and I see she has a collar and tag on which made me happy. We brought her in and they took her and called her people. They told me they were on their way. I said I would wait so I could let them know what happened. They arrived about 20 minutes later and they had a little girl, about 7, and her face was so sad and full of worry since this was her dog. The vets did not tell them Snowy's condition on the phone so they had no idea what to expect. The vet told us all that Snowy was extremely lucky, that they only think she had a broken leg! We were all so happy!
I just had to write about this since I was so emotional afterwards and just so happy that that family was not going to be sad tonight because their dog had ran away and got run over.

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