Friday, February 22, 2013


So I have not been on here in about 7 months. Quite frankly, even thinking about writing a post, or thinking about this blog made me angry. I felt like it was someone that kept asking me "what is going on with the adoption?" And since I had nothing to say about it, I started to resent this blog. Does that make any sense?

So in June, at our 2 year waiting mark, we redid our profile letter. In August we had our first contact from an expectant mother. It was a Saturday, and I had had one of the worst migraines ever the night before, so I was really not feeling my best. Adam was out getting dinner, and I was on my cell phone with my mom and the house phone rang. I hear someone leaving a message and I told my mom "I think it is someone calling about adoption!" I hung up the phone, but she had hung up by that point. I tried to calm my nerves, and this is where I really messed up, I waited till Adam got back and ran out and told him about the call. By the time I had screwed up my courage to call her back, a half hour had passed. It went to her voicemail. I found out later, that she had picked 3 families, we were the first one she called, but she went on to the next one, and they were did not answer, so she went on to the third one and they answered and really hit it off. Most people have said "well it wasn't meant to be." And really that does not help. I should have called right away, and if we didn't hit it off, then I could say that it wasn't meant to be. But I am really not one to dwell, or regret things so I am not sitting around beating myself up, but I have trouble with this whole, the baby you adopt is the one you were supposed to. Maybe I will change my mind if we ever do adopt, and we have our baby in our arms. I will let you know :)

In past postings, I had wanted a contact so badly, I was upset we hadn't even got any scams. Well, we have had quite a few scams now and it really is comforting in a very bizarre sort of way. It means that we are not invisible! Most have them have been very obvious as scams, but we did have one that contacted us through our agency site that seemed real at first. We emailed quite a few times one night, but I started to become suspicious when it seemed as if she agreed with me over everything. Come to find out that my instincts were right. She had emailed several families and gave different stories. She told us she was in Oklahoma, but since she signed up with our agencies website, they saw her IP address was in Arizona. She gave everyone different locations and due dates. To me it seemed as if she was looking for attention. Has anyone else had any experiences like that?

In October, we put a profile up at, and we had a contact through them, but I will go into that in a later post. Check them out. I really like how they have an adoption diary, so you can post new entries about your day, or your thoughts on adoption, or your dreams for your child and your open adoption relationship. I feel as if it makes your profile from getting old and stale.

So we are at 2 years and 8 months waiting. I need to go to open bloggers and find some new blogs of waiting families, since most of the ones I had followed have adopted. Which is wonderful seeing the "after" to compare to the "before" baby. Any recommendations?

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    Found you guys through Open Adoption Bloggers. We're a waiting-to-adopt family, too. If you'd like to check out our blog, it's at I hope things get better for you soon!