Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I was reading a waiting families message board in which a woman answered how she was spending her summer with " doing all the usual things etc. Dealing with scammers, which seem to come out during the summer months."
So am I crazy to feel bad that we haven't even had one scammer that wanted to contact us?


  1. Funny that you say that! We just had our first scam email a week or so ago. I was beginning to wonder what the deal was on why everyone else is getting scams and we weren't. LOL, not that I want them at all. And odd, that there would possibly be more in the summer months.

  2. I thought it was odd that there would be more in the summer too! And of course I don't want to have anyone try and scam us, but when you get no contact at all from anyone, it does make you wonder? May I ask how you knew it was a scam?