Monday, December 20, 2010

Average Waiting Time

We have hit a milestone! Our agency (IAC) says that the average wait time from when you have your profile up ( after you've finished all of your paperwork and homestudy) to when a child is placed with you is 6-18 months. The beginning of December marked our 6 month point! I have to admit, the time has just flown by. It feels as if it were just yesterday that we went to our intensive weekend at the agency, when in fact it was February. And I really am having a hard time grasping that Christmas is on Saturday! Remember when you were a kid, and the month of December just dragged, and Christmas Eve was the longest night of the year? Now the year just flies by. Which is why you have to enjoy all the little moments, even though sometimes, for some reason, we find it easy to forget that.

Yesterday, my mom and I baked cookies for about six hours, and I still have dough in the fridge. I think I will get back to baking tomorrow night, as I want to bring some cookies in for our Secret Santa gift exchange on Wednesday.

I hope everyone is enjoying the little moments!


  1. That's great! Congrats on reaching 6 months! While we were waiting I would always think, every day is one day closer to meeting our baby :) I know the wait is hard for a lot of people, but I can say for sure it's worth the wait!

  2. Yea, since we have been so busy, it does keep the mind off the wait. I am sure once the wait is over, we won't even think about those hard parts!