Friday, April 30, 2010

Second interview down...

On Monday we had our second interview and home inspection. This time we were to be interviewed one on one, and my mom was interviewed as well. J arrived at 6:30, and I went first. She asked about my childhood, my previous marriage, my relationship with Adam, and my mom, if I will be working after the baby comes, and if so, have we thought about daycare, etc. We spoke for about an hour, and it really flew by. She is very easy to talk to. The she spoke with Adam for about 45 minutes, asking similar relevant questions. Then she spoke with my mom for about 15 minutes, mostly about her thoughts on us adopting.
J then went through the home inspection checklist. This took like 10 minutes at the most. Our home passed, since we were not told that we had to fix or change anything. As she was getting ready to leave, she told us that we should start thinking about cribs and stuff, and since we are changing our bedrooms around we should start doing that, since it could be quick, and it is better to be prepared, and for us to update her on everything. So we took this to mean the whole process went well, and she would be recommending us to be parents. She will type up the report, (this is the hard part, as she has up to 6 weeks to turn it in, although I am hoping it does not take that long) and email it to us, so we can go over it and make sure all the facts are correct, and what we said is really what we wanted to say, etc, and then she sends it to the adoption coordinator.
On the birthletter front, I have received the go ahead to order our hard copy proof from the printer. Once that is approved, we will order the copies to be sent out to prospective birthparents. All of our paperwork, and letters of recommendation have been turned in. I am putting some finishing touches on our webpage, and will then submit that for approval. So we are almost there, then the real waiting will start.

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