Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Home Study Report

Last Friday, J, our home study worker emailed the report that she has been working on. Amazingly, the report is 10 pages long. Who knew there was so much to say about us! So we went over the report to see if there were any spelling errors, or anything that we didn't communicate to her during our interviews. There was only like 3 minor changes that we sent back to her. She also had about four questions she wanted to clarify, or that were left out of our interviews, so we sent those to her to. All that being said, the end of the report states
" Due to the above mentioned, it is recommended that the home study for Adam and Kammie be approved for up to two infants (0-12 months old)."
So it looks like we are going to be approved! Hopefully the revised report will be done soon, and sent over to our agency. Oh, and it says two infants because we said we were open to twins.

As for the birthletter, I made some small changes to the hard proof the printer sent us, and am now waiting for a new proof to arrive, which should be today or tomorrow. I am thinking that we may have the 150 copies by the end of next week. So everything is coming together, and we should be 'going live" soon.

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